Release 3.0
last update on 10 Dez 2009
This Internet database integrates information on sequence and structure of lipases and related proteins sharing the same a/b hydrolase fold to facilitate protein engineering. We acknowledge your comments or contribution to this page: please send us information to be included in this database.
The updated LED (release 4.0.0) is accessible at
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This database is maintained by Jürgen Pleiss. Institute of Technical Biochemistry, University of Stuttgart, Allmandring 31, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany


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This database system was developed by Markus Fischer. We acknowledge valuable contributions by Sandra Barth, Claudia Schmidt-Dannert, Dang Sy Hai, Melanie Grieb, Christoph Kaiser, Michael Knoll, Thomas Kosian, Marcus Peiker, Darius Schwenger, Alexander Steudle, Marco Strohmeier, Claudia Thiele, Sadhna Tyagi, Thai Ke Quan, Florian Wagner, Michael Widmann, Peter Benjamin Juhl and Xiaolei Yu.